AWS Women’s Leadership Workshop

8 – 9th of January 2020

“In the future, there will no be female leaders.
There will just be leaders.”

– Sheryl Sandberg

As part of the Tech Week 2020 and following the success of the first workshop last year, ICS work together with AWS and delivered its second Women’s Leadership Workshop on 8 and 9 January in Dublin. This year’s workshop was attended by 20 participants from diverse backgrounds, varying from students to senior IT professionals.

It is a simple fact that women experience unique barriers to success and sometimes they just need a little push to overcome those barriers. This is actually what drives us to host this workshop – to help women understand themselves as leaders and align their personal values with their work. The workshop was facilitated by Sagira from AWS which definitely succeeded in delivering positive, empowering and engaging environment for the learning, self-reflection and development of a strong network among women.

Did you know that men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, while women apply only if they meet 100% of them? As one of the participants, I was totally in shock and couldn’t help but relate to that. In this session, the participants were actively sharing their ideas, feelings and point of view. It was an insightful session and we all agree that women really need to crank up their confidence level.

Aside from that, Sagira also prepared various activities encouraging participants to critically asses what characterizes a strong leader, appreciate personal strengths as a woman and build our own personal brand. At the end of the workshop, the participants received an attendance certificate handed by Mary Cleary, deputy CEO of ICS. Overall, the two-days workshop received positive feedback with participants asking for further similar workshops in the near future. So keep an eye on it and be sure to take part in the next workshop! 😉

Check out one of the workshop activity involving the “Yes, And..” approach!

Basically when you say “Yes, and…” it will help to build on other people’s ideas, accepting any thought without judging.
For example when your friend says, “Remember when we were in London last week?” to which you replied with “No I don’t”
— this will totally shuts down the conversation.
The same goes with an idea during a meeting, this approach teaches you the value of accepting each others ideas and cooperating with one another.
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