Final day of the Bebras Challenge!!

Teachers have you registered your class for the Bebras Computing Challenge?

Its not too late to register – visit to register and have your students participate today and the best thing is its FREE!

Bebras introduces computational thinking and computer science to students from 8-18 years by allowing them to solve interactive tasks online.

Bebras is again offered FREE to schools in Republic of Ireland in 2019

Coordinators please note the practice challenges have now been hidden so as not to cause confusion with the live challenge. If you wish to give your students some Bebras tasks please login to the admin site with your coordinator details and go to the Documents folder where you will be able to download the last number of years Bebras Challenge and Solution Guide.

Note to Coordinators: when registering your students you should refer to the coordinator handbook which is available in the admin site under Documents or you will find it here also.

Need more reasons to get involved in the Bebras Challenge?  

*It’s FREE!

*Requires no prior knowledge.                       

*Needs only a minimal time investment from teachers.                      

*Takes 45 min.

*Provides certificates of achievement for all participants.

*It is completed online in your own school.

*There are 5 categories with different levels of difficulties.

We wish you all a great Computational Thinking experience. Enjoy!

If you have any queries, you can contact the team on

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