Participant Feedback Form

Congratulations on reaching the Scratch National Final. We hope you had fun!

We’d really appreciate if you could tell us about your experience in the competition.

    1. What level do you teach?

2. In a post covid world, would you favour Scratch events (National Final) as:
3. Is this your first time having students submit a Scratch project for the competition?
4. Would you participate in the Scratch competition again?
5. Has working on a Scratch project for the competition improved your students programming skills?
6. Are there any other skills your students have learnt while working on their Scratch project, that you are aware of?
In your professional judgement
8. Where did you do most of the work for your Scratch project?
9. Do you think your students interest in technology/computers has increased since taking part in the Scratch competition?
10. What do you think about technology/computers now?
11. Are you considering doing a computer science related course at 3rd level?
12. How do you feel about your involvement in the Scratch competition overall?

If you have any comments or ideas about Scratch Competition or Tech Week, we’d love to hear them!

Many thanks for completing our Scratch Feedback form.

The Scratch Team

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