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Health Tech Day will take place on Thursday 26th April 2018 at ICS HQ, Ballsbridge. The day will focus on new technologies used to improve the life of people with diseases (diabetes) and tendon injuries.

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Tech Week focuses on Technology in Health


This year, Tech Week is celebrating the big changes that technology has brought to the management of various diseases, such as diabetes.

From the 23rd to the 27th of April we will be making available a 30 minute documentary that captures the health system’s fight to treat the rising number of diabetic patients, and warns against this troubling epidemic facing our population. It follows the personal stories of young people who are living with diabetes and their daily struggle to manage it. Continue reading Tech Week focuses on Technology in Health

New technology helps paralysed man move his fingers

New “thought control” technology has helped restore finger movement to the victim of a paralysing spinal injury.


24 year old Ian Burkhart is now able to grasp objects, pour and stir drinks, and even play the Guitar Hero computer game using a wearable sleeve that sends electrical impulses to his muscles.

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Top 10 – Medical Tech Developments & Discoveries

1. Wearable tech.

Not so much life-saving as some pretty damn cool medical tech, Wearable tech covers everything from pedometers for fitness to digitized medicines that are placebo tablets that hold ingestible sensors to record specific data about your health. Quite the mouthful, that.

2. Antibiotics

Antibiotics are one of the beautiful accidents of science: in 1928, Alexander Fleming left a petri dish out overnight to demonstrate that mould is a repelling force to the bacteria around it. Fleming had inadvertently discovered antibiotics: an antimicrobial used against bacteria/infections. Continue reading Top 10 – Medical Tech Developments & Discoveries

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