Top 10 – Weird Coding Languages

coding language arnold scharweneggerCoding is super useful, but it can also be really weird. We’ve counted down the weirdest ten!

Weirdest Coding Languages


You know lolcats? Yeah, of course you do. LOLCODE is made up entirely of lolcat speak. It doesn’t entirely make sense. It’s not really supposed to. The language was designed in 2007 by Adam Lindsay, a researcher at Lancaster University’s Computing Department. LOLCODE doesn’t have enough functioning compliers to do anything impressing, but it is mad cute. Continue reading Top 10 – Weird Coding Languages

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Introducing the e-Skills for Jobs Campaign

e-skills for jobse-Skills for Jobs 2015 is a European campaign that aims to raise awareness around the need for people to improve their information and communication (ICT) skills for work. Tech Week is all about highlighting the importance of IT skills, which is why we’re telling you about the e-Skills for Jobs 2015 campaign.

So there’s a growing demand for ICT-skilled professionals all across Europe and in Ireland in particular—which is a plus for anyone who wants to get into IT. e-Skills is a great platform to fine-tune your ICT skills as it’s particularly aimed at young people and the unemployed. e-Skills promotes reskilling and upskilling as well as promoting job opportunities in the ICT sector.

The campaign has serious European flavour and was officially launched on the 13th of March in Riga by the European Commission’s Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. A conference was held and brilliant minds from governments, industry, NGOs and many more gathered together to create a manifesto to put the idea of e-Skills into action. The result of the conference was the Riga Declaration and its 10 Principles, as well as a detailed manifesto. Continue reading Introducing the e-Skills for Jobs Campaign

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5 Brilliant Resources to Learn to Code

learn to codeThere’s a huge movement going on around getting kids and young people involved in coding. Coding is all around us: anything that ‘just works’ has some level of coding involved–which is why we think it’s important that kids and young people learn to code.

While you likely won’t need to know how to hack into the Pentagon or anything too extreme, there’s a lot to be said for learning the basics. Primary schools in Estonia and India have made a huge push to get students involved—and we think we should follow suit here in Ireland! Continue reading 5 Brilliant Resources to Learn to Code

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