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The Bebras® Computing Challenge is a great way to introduce computational thinking to your students, by allowing them to solve fun interactive tasks online. The free 45-minute challenge usually takes place in the classroom, however for this year only students can take part from home!

Bebras is run in over 50 countries, with nearly 3 million students taking part in 2019. It takes place every November and the tasks can be answered without prior knowledge about computing. The aim of Bebras is to get students all over the world excited about computing.

Why not try the Bebras Challenge as to see what its all about!

If you you or your students haven’t taken part before, now is a great time to check out: There is no prior knowledge from the students required!

There is no prior knowledge from the students required!

What you need to know about the Bebras Challenge

  • It’s free!
  • Let your students complete the challenge between 2 and 13 November 2020.
  • Requires no prior knowledge of computer science rather challenges students to solve problems.
  • The challenge is made up of short interactive online tasks and takes 45 min.
  • It has five age categories open for students aged 8 to 18.
  • There are past challenges to help your students prepare for this years challenge.
  • This year, students can take part at home (please note they must still be registered through their school).
  • Runs for two weeks, so many classes can participate.
  • All the marking is done for you! The results will be sent to you the week after the challenge 
  • Provides certificates of achievement for all participants.

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