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ICT professionalism: curated resources

An online collection of resources related to such topics as e-Skills and ICT professionalism, the European e-Competence Framework 3.0, and the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs.

e-Skills: European Foundational ICT Body of Knowledge

A 28-page document prepared by Capgemini Consulting for the EU Commission with the aim of providing Europe with a 'go-to reference' for Foundational ICT Knowledge.

e-Skills in Europe

The e-Skills in Europe report on trends and forecasts for the European ICT Profession and Digital Leadership Labour Markets (2015-2020).

European e-Competence Framework

The European e-Competence Framework The what, how and why guide to the e-CF.

e-Leadership Digital Skills for SMEs

The document e-Leadership provides a summary of the state-of-the art of e-leadership skills development in Europe.


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