Monday, 30th of March 2020

IT Professionals’ Day is a special day to act as a platform to raise awareness of the IT profession, the potential within the profession, the need for continued professionalism and contribution to society.

This year the Irish Computer Society is asking all IT Professionals in Ireland to sign up and commit to the Declaration on IT Professionalism.

IT professionals are the unsung heroes that keep us connected but they are often underappreciated, by signing the declaration you will show your support for IT professionalism.

IT Professionals’ Day is the first Monday of Tech Week and this year we are asking IT Professionals to also take a Tech Week challenge!

Sign up to the declaration on IT professionalism, commit to carry out one practical action to help deliver the message of the declaration and you will get 5 CPD points, 3 months free membership of ICS (new memberships only) and the chance to win a free ticket for an ICS conference of your choice!

The deadline to sign up to the IT Professionals’ Day Tech Week challenge is the 6th of April 2020.



The Declaration on IT Professionalism

Acknowledge the need to develop and mature the IT profession and to improve its status in Ireland and the EU by signing up and committing to the Declaration on IT Professionalism.

I agree to receive communications about the IT Professionals Day initiative of the Irish Computer Society (ICS), and if am I not an ICS member I agree to receive 3 months free membership of ICS. Click here to read our privacy policy



Commit to one Action!

Commit to one action and spread awareness about IT Professionalism!

  • Write a Linkedin post replying to one of the following questions and use the ITProDay logo and the hashtags #itprodaychallenge #techweek2020 #techweekirl:
    • Do you think IT Profession still lacks status and recognition in society?
    • What skills are more difficult to find among IT professionals and why?
    • Why continuous professional development is important to you and how it helped progressing in your career?
    • How attending conferences and networking events supported your professional development?
    • In your experience, what are the benefits of recording your CPD points?


  • Take part in a 3 minute recorded interview about 2 of the above listed questions. You can either record the interview yourself and send it to or get in touch with us at and we will arrange it.


  • Launch a Linkedin challenge on the topic of IT Professionalism and use the IT ProDay logo and the hashtags #itprodaychallenge #techweek2020 #techweekirl. You can also use one of the questions above, for example   “I am launching a #itprodaychallenge to post my opinion about the importance of IT Professionalism. Also, I will need to name one LinkedIn contact to take on the challenge. IT Professionalism is important because IT Profession still lacks status and recognition in society. I nominate #Tom, Will you take on the challenge? #techweek2020 #techweekirl


ICT professionalism: curated resources

e-Skills: European Foundational ICT Body of Knowledge

e-Skills in Europe

e-Skills: European Foundational ICT Body of Knowledge

e-Leadership Digital Skills for SMEs


Why not start by contributing your time for Tech Week?

#ITProDayEU #standupandgiveback

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