Using Technology for a Healthier Future

Today we are celebrating Health Technology as a part of Tech Week, an annual week-long celebration of technology in Ireland. It is always a fun week in which students are encouraged to dive deeper into the world of technology, whether through classroom activities, school visit, or hands-on workshop and events. It is definitely the perfect time to celebrate the awesome achievements of technology community.

To start this day, we will uncover the coolest and informative articles about health technology from all over the world. Here are some of the most interesting technology stories.

Photo by Budmen Industries

DIY Face Mask

Thanks to a local business business in New York, the 3D-printing industry is enhancing its efforts to help fight the COVID-19 outbreaks. The mastermind behind it, Isaac Budmen and Stephanie Keefe developed a prototype for a single-use mask that takes about an hour to be printed and two minutes to be assembled.

The most amazing part is, they are not looking to make money from this.

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Photo by LetsGetChecked

Irish firm developed the first immediate COVID-19 home testing kit

Irish firm, LetGetChecked will be launching an at-home test for coronavirus to help combat COVID-19. The LetsGetChecked Coronavirus Test (COVID-19) is the first comprehensive two-part test that gives immediate results about active infection using a point-of-care (POC) device to be administered by healthcare professionals and provides an immediate result within 15 minutes. It is then followed with a secondary lab-based confirmation available 1-2 days later.

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The Rise of Digital Technologies in Healthcare: Join the Conversation
Photo by Netwell CASALA

The rise of digital technology in Ireland’s healthcare

An EU-funded Horizon 2020 project, ProACT (Integrated Technology Systems for ProACTive Patient Centred Care) aims to develop and evaluate an ecosystem to integrate a wide variety of new and existing technologies to improve and advance home-based integrated care for older adults with multimorbidity, including associated co-morbidities. Netwell CASALA are leading the trials in Ireland for the ProACT system.

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Many people need help to take their medication on time and as ...
Photo by Irish Time

No more forgetting your medication

Dublin-based Health Beacon has developed the world’s first smart tools for managing medications, HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System™.

It helps patients adhere to their medication schedule by tracking patient injection history, sending personalized interactive reminders and safely stores used injectables.

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Photo by Clinatech/AFP/Getty

Paralyzed people can now walk using their mind

After being trained for months, Thibault, a French man that was paralyzed due to an accident has walked again. This exoskeleton robot uses his brain signals to control his movement.

“It was like [being the] first man on the Moon. I didn’t walk for two years. I forgot what it is to stand, I forgot I was taller than a lot of people in the room,” says Thibault.

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Photo by Diligent Robotics

Hospital robot assistant to assist nurses

Diligent Robotics is a female-led AI startup based in Austin that makes nurse assistant robots, Moxi, to help and work alongside nurses in hospital. Equipped with a robotic arm and a set of wheels on its base, Moxi can be preprogrammed to run approximately 30% of errands nurses do such as picking up medical supplies and dropping off specimens to lab.

What makes this robot unique is that Moxi has been designed to demonstrate social intelligence and awareness in healthcare environment. Moxi can move its head and eyes to communicate what it is doing and it greets people in the hallway so people will not feel uncomfortable around it.

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Image result for osso vr
Photo by OssoVR

Training future surgeons with virtual reality

Surgery training on a patient or cadaver was no longer ideal – some residents might not feel ready to operate while cadaver are expensive. Virtual reality (VR) is a very realistic and immersive platform that it almost feels like an actual experience. That’s why OssoVR wanted to bridge that gap by allowing surgical residents to look around the simulation as they use tools to perform a simulated operation that is very accurate to the real operation.

Together with National Science Foundation, OssoVR is currently working to apply machine learning to analyze how the individual performs during the procedure.

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    It’s good that we learn more about the virus and it tells us what to go and etc

  2. Fitoru mct

    Technology in the field of Medicine is really amazing. I hope it could also find a way to treat the COVID-19 virus.

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