Our overall aim is to promote the use of digital technologies in our school. We also aspire to promote the opportunities for use of ICT in our daily lives and the future careers of the students in our school.
During tech week, we will select an ICT Committee/Digital Officers to promote tech week and as representatives of the student body. Introduction lessons to scratch will be carried out in sixth class by the class teacher in a small group setting throughout Tech Week (one group of 8 per day working on two laptops, two smaller groups of 4) The teacher will follow the scratch lessons as outlined. Children will be provided with an opportunity to develop coding skills and be introduced to the world of coding. Children will also be given the opportunity to share their experience and success with their peers, students in other classes and at home. We will also hold an internet safety day during tech week. Our committee members will share ‘top tips’ on how to stay safe when using the internet/apps. Class teachers in all class groups will be discussing technology in their classrooms – its use, the opportunities, technology in our home, in our school, in business etc.

Event duration : 2 hours

Website : http://www.allennationalschool.com

Addmission type : Free

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