Bebras National Finals Winners

This weekend, Saturday May 11th, saw nearly 180 students attend Maynooth University for the National Finals of the Bebras Challenge. Up first in the morning was the was the Cadets (12-14 years) and Juniors (14-16 years).

Cadets winner with the highest score on the day was Dervla Nealon from Mount Anville School, Dublin and in the Juniors category Liam Duro, Clongowes Wood, Kildare.

A second session was run in the afternoon and the Senior category winner (16-18 years) was Peter Hunter from Foyle College, Derry. Castor winner (8-10 years) was Mia O’Carroll from Mount Anville, in the Benjamin category (10-12 years) Doran Ayub from Balbriggan ETNS took the award.

Photos will be uploaded here very soon and certificates with each students exact marks will be emailed to their teachers later today.

A big congratulations to all the participants and especially our winners in each of the categories, it was great to see such numbers and interest in the Challenge.

Many thanks to our Tech Week sponsors AWS (Amazon Web Services) ICS Foundation and SFI (Science Foundation Ireland) who make Tech Week possible. Also many thanks to Maynooth University for the collaboration and hosting of the event.

The top and average scores from the day were as follows:

Max Score – 143
Highest Score – 131
Average Score – 94.7

Max Score – 200
Highest Score – 164
Average Score – 125.7

Max Score – 202
Highest Score – 169
Average Score – 132.3

Max Score – 211
Highest Score – 160
Average Score- 109.8

Max Score – 211
Highest Score – 175
Average Score – 125.1

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