The Tech Week Activity Sheets have everything you need to get you and your students involved in Tech Week!

This includes ideas for fun classroom activities covering a wide range of ages and ability levels. Don’t forget to register your activities as Tech Week Events to let others in your school and community know that your students are participating.

Tech Week Computational Thinking Challenge

Encourage students to take part in this fun activity adapted from Bebras Computing Challenge! Students will enhance their computational thinking skill by solving various engaging problems. To make it better, all participants will receive a certificate with their score at the end of the challenge.

Head over here to get more ideas on the challenge and don’t forget to participate!

Barefoot Computing

Thanks to Barefoot Computing for these resources. The Barefoot lesson plans can be downloaded here.

Barefoot has recently launched a new set of resources for teachers to help ease the transition back into school called ‘Barefoot Bytes’ – 24 ‘little bytes of learning fun’ which are short, flexible and interactive activities.

Bug in the Water Cycle

In this activity pupils are challenged to detect and correct the error in a number of water cycle programs (debugging).

Code Cracking

This unit of six lessons introduces pupils to the history of computing and how computers were used as code-cracking devices in World War II.

Logical Number Sequences

In this activity pupils explain the rule for a number sequence and predict which numbers come next. In doing so, they extend their knowledge of simple rule based algorithms.

Pizza Party

There are five lesson plans and accompanying materials covering the collection, analysis, and evaluation of data.

Other External Resources

All you need is code

They have prepared primary school lesson plans as part of the online course ‘How to Teach Computing: An Introduction to Concepts, Tools and Resources for Secondary Teachers’ delivered by European Schoolnet Academy. Some examples on their lesson plan include:

Animal Planet with Kodu and What about pixels?

Check out for more on their website!

Raspberry Pi

Code Club is a programme run by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a registered UK charity. They work with a global community of volunteers, educators, and partners in 160 countries to run free school based coding clubs for children aged 9–13 years.

Their free step-by-step project resources (see examples below), allows children to learn how to make their own games, animations, and websites with coding languages such as Scratch, HTML/CSS, and Python.

Give it a try with some of their projects, Guide to my country 1.0 and Exercise tracker.

Access more projects here!

Teaching London Computing

Teaching London Computing supports computing education with free primary class resources (e.g. Phonics Kriss-Kross) for teachers, including inspiring classroom activities, computer booklets and stories.

Click here for more resources.


Scratch is a fun and interesting way to introduce software development to students, where they can create stories, games and animations to be shared worldwide.

As students create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically.

Where to start?

Get free resources for primary aged students that consist of a digital pack containing 10 step-by-step, 45 minute lesson plans and resources for post-primary students, simply check out this link!

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