Bebras National Finals Results

We hope your students enjoyed their participation in the Irish Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge National Final 2021. We were delighted to see so many students participate.

The number of participants who took part in the Official National Final Challenge was 945 (this was just under 10% of the participants in November). The gender balance of these participants was:

Female – 41%

Male – 44%

Unknown – 15%

The results and certificates are now available for Teachers to download. An email has been sent to all National Finalist teachers with instructions on how to do this.

The top and average scores from the day were as follows:

Max Score – 132
Highest Score – 120
Average Score – 57.7

Max Score – 177
Highest Score – 154
Average Score – 76.7

Max Score – 177
Highest Score – 148
Average Score – 73.4

Max Score – 192
Highest Score – 153
Average Score- 76.3

Max Score – 192
Highest Score – 153
Average Score – 75.1

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