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2015: April 26 - 2 May





Welcome to Tech Week 2015

Tech Week is Ireland's nationwide festival of technology aimed at students, parents and the public.

Tech Week provides hands-on opportunities to learn about how computing and related technology are shaping every area of life ...

Education, health, environment, social interaction, leisure, citizenship ... the list never ends and the pace of change never stops.

Tech Week Objective #1 is to inspire students to engage actively with STEM subjects, and equip them with the knowledge and experience necessary to make informed choices about their future subject and career choices.

Tech Week Objective #2 is to educate all citizens – of every age group and background – about the challenges and rewards of our fast-changing technological society.

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Tech Week 2014

Impressive venue! Great experience. Well done!

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A wonderful experience, well run event.

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Great idea. Well done to the organisers and the competitors.

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Amazing day. Great for the children. Very professional.

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Making a nation-wide splash: Tech Week 2014


We would like you to get involved in Tech Week 2015 and to take an active role in promoting the key message of the importance of technology in everyday life and the promotion of careers in technology.

Technology is all around. It is growing at a fast pace and we at Tech Week are working to support the future of the sector through our various programmes and initiatives.

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Here are some of the key issues that Tech Week will address:

  • The requirement for 45,000 ICT professionals by 2018
  • The 27% drop out rate among first year computing students
  • The fact that less than 20% of computing students are female

If you would like to get involved and discover more about our attractive sponsorship packages please contact us today at info@techweek.ie.